School districts in Latah County now have money for improvements

MOSCOW, ID - We continue our election coverage as three Latah County School Districts have a reason to celebrate after Tuesday's election because voters approved all of the bonds and levies on the ballots.

The votes are in from Tuesday's election in Latah County, and the Moscow School District Bond received the super-majority approval that it needed to pass.

"We've been working on it for three years, and it was almost emotional to see that kind of support," said Moscow School District Superintendent Dale Kleinert. "I always knew the support was there in the Moscow community, but to actually see it on paper was, it was emotional."

For months, Superintendent Dale Kleinert led taxpayers on tours through the rundown schools and explained to various groups why the district needs this $10.8 million bond.

"It was a goal that I had before I left the district to make sure that we have some safety improvements and renovations in the district and we did it," said Kleinert.

There's a 45-day wait period before the bonds are sold. But once the wait's over, the district will begin repairing things like roofs, boilers, and plumbing.

"We've got 36 months to complete all of the projects within the bond amount, so it's going to be a flurry of activity around the Moscow School District," said Kleinert.

And Moscow isn't the only school district breathing a sigh of relief. The Whitepine Joint School District, which consists of Deary and Bovill schools, passed a supplemental levy for more than $706,000.

"The levy is a true supplemental for maintenance and operation of the school district," said Whitepine School District Superintendent Tera Reeves. "So it supplements funding that we do not get from the state."

The levy passed by a landslide and that may be because the district didn't ask for any extra money. They've passed the same levy for the last three years.

"We're very grateful that our patrons support the district and the kids in the district that we can continue to do the work we're doing," said Reeves.

The Troy School District also passed a supplemental levy for $907,000, which is $77,000 more than last year's. The main reason for the increase is to improve safety in the schools.

Property taxes will increase by about 54-cents per $1,000 of assessed property value in the Moscow school district. They'll remain at $4.18 in the Whitepine Joint School District, and increase by about 19-cents in the Troy School District to a total of $7.06 per $1,000 of assessed property value.