Scooter ban ordinance added to agenda for next meeting

LEWISTON, ID - The Parks and Rec Commission has decided to re-examine the ordinance banning scooters.

This comes after a petition was signed by more than 50 people.
After hearing countless testimonies from both sides of the issue, the commission voted to make the ordinance an agenda item at their next April meeting.

Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker said the commission will then provide a recommendation to the council.

"The commission may to decide to continue the scooters as a ban but the commission is only an advisory group to city council," said Barker. "And so ultimately what will happen, the council will decide whether they'll change the way the ordinance is written."

In addition to banning scooters the ordinance also includes safety guidelines, as well as prohibited strollers on the skate park. As it stands right now riders who don't abide by the scooter ban could pay up to a $100 fine.