Seattle-based burglary ring targeting Pullman residents

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman Police are reminding citizens to lock their doors because they believe a Seattle-based burglary ring is currently targeting the area.

Police said the two men arrested for armed robbery on Monday are part of a burglary ring that travels in groups of two-to-eight men, knocking on doors in residential areas, and looking for empty houses they can rob. Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennent said the burglars drive back and forth from Seattle with different cars and different people. So citizens should keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

"If you do answer the door, generally speaking, they make up some excuse, ask for directions to Stadium Way, 'Have you seen my friend Sam?' or something along those lines," said Tennent.

Tennent said there have been multiple reports of this kind of activity since last Thursday, mostly in the College Hill area. Police said the suspects are described as African American males in their late teens and early twenties.

If you see any suspicious activity, you're asked to call the Pullman Police at 509-334-0802.