Seattle PD: Fishy smelling watch thief arrested in homeless camp

SEATTLE -- The toothless, fishy smelling man who claimed he was a wealthy fisherman before allegedly stealing a $45,000 Rolex from a downtown Seattle jewelery store last month was arrested Wednesday at a homeless camp in Shoreline.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the man walked into a Ben Bridge Jewelers Jan. 18 and chatted up employees, explaining that he was a wealthy fisherman, before asking to try on the expensive watch.

As soon as the watch was on his wrist, the man yelled "See ya!" and ran out the door, according to police. The employees and homeless man who gave chase lost him in a nearby clothing store.

Tips from the community and information gathered during the investigation led detectives to a witness who claimed the man bragged about the robbery and showed him the watch, according to police.

Officers found the man at Tent City in Shoreline Wednesday and booked him into King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

Surveillance footage of the alleged robber taken Jan. 18 at a Ben Bridge Jewelers in downtown Seattle.