Second UI President candidate touts experience working for land grant universities

MOSCOW, ID - The second of five candidates in the running to become the next University of Idaho President visited Moscow Tuesday.

Doctor Jack Payne currently works for the University of Florida. He's the Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Administrative Head for The Institute of Food and Agricultural Science.

Payne said he believes there's been too much turnover with the last couple of Presidents at U of I, and he'd like to change that.

"If I had the opportunity, that would be the highlight of my career and I would stay as long as Board of Regents and the people of Idaho would want me to stay," said Payne.

Payne said he has a lot of experience working for land grant universities and he'd like to help expand and globalize the university.

The third candidate will be in town next Tuesday. The State Board of Education plans on making their final decision in November.