Security cameras help identify recent thieves stealing from St. Vincent De Paul

CLARKSTON, WA - Now that St. Vincent De Paul in Clarkston has security cameras, store manager Sharon Berry said theft has gone down, but it's still happening.

Berry said they have a lot of video they're going through and thanks to people in the community they've been able to identify some of the thieves. They're working with the police department and if they gather enough information, people can be prosecuted.

Berry said the biggest reason for the thefts is people are dropping off donations at the back door when the store isn't open.

"I know it's hard because people work, but we have a truck that will go out at any time," said Berry. "So, if you can't donate during normal business hours we'd love for you to give us a call and we'll send our truck. We appreciate the donations, but they won't help us if they're being taken."

Berry said people are stealing stuff mostly on Sundays. They've printed pictures of thieves they've caught on camera and set them by the front door. She said it's helping! Customers are recognizing people in the pictures, and giving that information to police.