SEL expands Pullman campus with new Zocholl Building

PULLMAN, WA - If you've driven through Pullman lately, you may have noticed the new 98,000 square-foot building that's being built on the Schweitzer Engineering campus.

This week, SEL construction crews are erecting the concrete walls of the new Zocholl Building that is expected to be completed by May. There are 34 panels that weigh up to 230,000 pounds, and it takes a 250-ton crane to move them.

"It has already changed the skyline as you drive up Grand Avenue," said SEL Property Manager Jana Schultheis. "It's quite a sight to see, that crane lifting those big panels."

"We've added some extra capabilities in this building," said SEL Research and Development Vice President Dave Whitehead. "We're including a 75-foot long radio frequency test chamber. It's so big I can drive my truck into it."

The building will allow SEL to consolidate their research and development laboratories, and it will be used to build and test new products. The building is named after industry icon and SEL Distinguished Engineer Stanley Zocholl who passed away earlier this year. He held 26 US patents and 46 international patents. Schweitzer created their own construction division for this project, and it's their first project as a design-build company.