Self-inflicted injuries were non-life threatening for man found in street

CLARKSTON, WA - We had new information Wednesday night regarding the man that was found Tuesday morning with his genitalia severed.

The Asotin County Sheriff's Office is ruling the injuries to be self-inflicted. According to the Asotin County Sheriff's Office, mental health issues are believed to be a leading factor for the incident.

"Really the totality of everything were able to collect on scene and see on scene that was real crucial in leading us to our conclusion, as well as the interviews conducted by Detective Jackie Nichols," said Asotin Co. Sheriff's Office Captain Dan Hally.

Officials confirm a 13 inch serrated knife has been recovered and no criminal charges will be brought against the man. The sheriff's office is not releasing the name of the man, however they said the injuries are non-life threatening and he's recovering at this time.