SEL's job openings keep Pullman's community growing

PULLMAN, WA - Being a so-called college town can have its challenges, especially when school isn't in session.

Jenee' Ryan tells us about a growing company that is helping Pullman overcome those challenges.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is an international company that designs and manufactures products to make electric power safer.

SEL employs around 2,000 people at their Pullman headquarters and they just announced they want to hire 130 more.

"We've had a lot of success with some of our traditional products and some success with our newer products and as the demand for our product continues, we need more folks here to help build those products for us," said Director of HR for SEL, Stacey Doty.

SEL doesn't hire people that just want jobs. They hire people that want to build a career. And that means more people staying and living in Pullman.

And that helps alleviate the stresses of being a college town.

"When you have a university that usually has a little dip during the summer for employment, here's SEL continuous there with a constant group of residents here so we don't see a dip anymore," said Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson. "It's wonderful."

Doty said improving Pullman is also one of their goals as a company.

"With our strong focus on employees, we're always looking at not only how can we improve their job satisfaction here at work but how can we enhance their lives overall within the community," said Doty.

Mayor Johnson said that dedication to the community continually impresses him.

"They actually have on their Friday luncheons, ways to support the community," said Mayor Johnson. "They are the biggest givers for United Way."

Doty said SEL is excited to continue to grow in Pullman and the Mayor agrees.

"Continuous increase as far as employment is concerned," said Johnson. "That's great for any city."

If you're interested in applying to any of the open positions at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, visit their website