Senator Cantwell visits Pullman during "Jobs for Washington" tour

PULLMAN, WA - Senator Maria Cantwell stopped in Pullman Thursday afternoon as part of her "Jobs for Washington" tour.

It was the second day of her 26 stop tour across the state, and Thursday she spoke at the Whitman County Democrat headquarters along with a couple of WSU students. Her primary focus was the affordability of higher education and the importance of Pell Grants.

"When students get Pell Grants, more people can afford to go to college," said Cantwell. "And we really have a skills gap in America, so the more students that can get skilled in the jobs that we need, very important."

Cantwell said that the upcoming election is all about jobs. She believes that investing government money into higher education is one way to improve the job market.

She also believes that the government should invest in research on agricultural products like lentils because they are a vital part of our economy. Cantwell has been a supporter of the Farm Bill as it has worked its way through the senate, and she hopes that it will be passed by the House and signed into law by the end of the year.

Cantwell is defending her seat in the Senate against Republican Michael Baumgartner.