Senator Fulcher running for Idaho Governor was well received by large crowd

LEWISTON, ID - Senator Republican Caucus Leader Russ Fulcher made the trip up north this past weekend, as he prepares to take on Idaho Governor Butch Otter in the upcoming elections.

Senator Fulcher spoke about the differences between him and current Governor Butch Otter. The fourth generation Idahoan is running on a platform of four components. The opposition of obamacare, education and the desire to loosen the teather between Washington, D.C. and Idaho were well-received by the large crowd made up of citizens and local politicians.

"America is special, Idaho is special, our people are special," said Fulcher. "And I sense some of that kind of going away and we have forfeited a lot of our liberties and we have forfeited a lot of our freedoms. And that is what one of the main reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing."

This is the second time the Meridian born senator has traveled up to Lewiston since announcing his candidacy.