Senator Risch expresses mixed reactions to health care ruling

LEWISTON, ID - Many representatives around the country in both the Senate and the House of Representatives are voicing their opinions on the health care reform ruling on behalf of their constituents.

Republican Idaho Senator Jim Risch said the battle is far from over.

"It was certainly a defeat for individual rights, on the other hand it was a great victory for state's rights in that they said that trying to force the states to expand their Medicaid program was not constitutional," said Risch. "But you know we have an election coming up. One of the candidates has said that on his first day in office he is going to enter an executive order that would dismantle most all parts of it so we're a long way from being done with this issue."

Risch said while he isn't happy with the ruling, he's not entirely upset because the act was a large win for states' rights. The fact that states are able to choose to participate in the medicaid expansion or not provides a smaller umbrella of power to the federal government.