Senator Schmidt talks big issues in upcoming legislative session

MOSCOW, ID - Idaho District Five Senator, Democrat, Dan Schmidt said that the repeal of business personal property taxes and health care are likely to be two of the biggest issues in the upcoming legislative session.

Business personal property taxes make up more than 40% of some county's budgets, while others are barely affected. Schmidt said that he's weary of Governor Butch Otter's plan to repeal them because of the possible effects on schools.

"At this time, when we have uncertainty around our education system, why would we want to be shaking this up even more?" said Schmidt. "Seems to me unwise."

In previous sessions, Governor Otter has expressed his desire to make cuts in Medicaid funding, but Schmidt counters by saying that its expansion could actually save Idaho millions of dollars. However Schmidt and Otter both support the state-based health insurance exchange because it would give Idaho more control over health care for its citizens, rather than the federal government.