Senators kill bill, wish sponsor 'Happy Birthday'

BOISE, Idaho (AP) The Idaho Senate, known for its adherence to decorum, killed a bill and then cordially wished its sponsor "Happy Birthday."

Republican Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll of Grangeville was pushing a plan to recognize volunteer emergency medical service providers with their own specialty Idaho license plate.

Nuxoll thought the bill would increase first-responders' presence in the community, give them better access to emergency scenes and potentially help recruit new volunteers, whose numbers are falling.

But senators have grown stingy about creating more of these specialty plates.

Sen. John Goedde of Coeur d'Alene was frank: "There are too many."

So the chamber voted 20-15 to reject Nuxoll's plan.

Minutes later, leaders pointed out Nuxoll was born on this date in 1951 and encouraged senators to wish her a "Happy Birthday."