Serial rapist released from McNeil Island Correction Center

ASOTIN, WA - A convicted serial rapist is walking away from a regional corrections center as a free man Wednesday.

KLEW news learns how that's affecting the women he victimized here locally, as well as the impact that carries for his future neighbors.

Convicted rapist Monte Hoisington, 61, terrorized women in both Asotin and Nez Perce Counties. Today he walks away from state custody at the McNeil Island Corrections Center a free man.

One of his victims, Sharon Fuller, was forced to bare witness when Hoisington raped her friend at knife-point in 1977. Even though the crime was 36 years ago, the vivid memories still haunt her to this day. She's floored he's being released.

"That's just not reassuring at all," said victim Sharon Fuller. "What kind of follow up is there going to be? When we're not even notified where he's going to be on the day of his release."

Communication Specialist Norah West of the Department of Corrections said that they don't yet know the exact location where he'll stay, but his sister took him to Spokane Wednesday.

"She's providing him transportation to the community corrections office in Spokane where he will meet with his corrections officer who will be working with him to transition into the community," said West.

West said he'll have to wear a GPS monitoring anklet for 30 days. He'll then likely be put into a half-way house after registering as a level three sex offender at the respective sheriff's office. But even with the several precautionary measures, Fuller doesn't feel the women in the Spokane area, or the rest of the region for that matter, are any safer now that he's a free man.

"The fact that we don't have a current photograph of him, we don't know who to look for," said Fuller. "I have no idea what he looks like now."

Hoisington was released because psychologists at the corrections center found that he no longer met the definition of a sexually violent predator three years in a row, due to his ailing health.

"All we have to go by is his actions and his actions have shown us that he's a serial rapist," said Fuller.

Wherever Hoisington ends up living, he'll have 24-hours to notify the local sheriff's office that he'll reside there.