Several companies are being sued for Steep Corner Fire that happened 2012

LEWISTON, ID - A fire that erupted back in August of 2012 could re-ignite in court. The State of Idaho is now suing several companies.

In a lawsuit filed Monday, it's the states position that companies were using logging equipment in the region that didn't meet forest service standards, and that sparks from those machines started the blaze.

The Steep Corner Fire claimed the life of 20-year old U.S. Forest Service Firefighter Anne Veseth.

In a court document obtained by KLEW News, the state claims they spent more than $10,000 fighting the fire. The suit claims several counts of negligence and nuisance.

Potlatch Land and Lumber, Potlatch Forest Holdings, Clearwater Paper Corporation, Dabco, and Potlatch Corporation are all named in the suit. We'll keep you updated on this case.