Severe weather system caused flash flooding alerts in region

LEWISTON, ID - Severe weather struck the L.C. Valley Friday, causing several roadways to flood from the torrential downpour.

The storm began early Friday afternoon with brief but heavy rain that caused drains to overflow, creating an excess of water on the roadways. Flash flood alerts remained in place throughout the evening for most of Eastern Washington and the Panhandle of Idaho.

"Within a matter of, probably 15 minutes after the initial flash flood, we probably got about 15 calls in," said King Services general manager Paul Markwalter. "Then a second round came in and we got a bunch of other phone calls that came in. We have crews dispatched to Lewiston, Clarkston, Moscow, Pullman and Colfax."

Many cars were forced to swerve out of their lanes while driving, as some area roadways saw more than a foot of water. Surrounding waterways remained high as large hail and damaging winds broke a number of branches and caused damage all over the area. In just an hour's time, flash flooding took over parking lots, side ditches and drains. Thunder and lightning also lit up the sky, which went from clear to gloomy in a matter of minutes.