Sheep Fire near Lucile at zero containment and growing quickly

LUCILE, ID - Firefighting crews have their hands full in the Lucile area along Highway 95 as weather conditions have helped the Sheep Fire grow to more than 15,000 acres quickly.

The Sheep Fire, which started on September 6th, can be seen for miles and miles as the plume of smoke from the wildfire activity shoots high into the sky as the perfect combination of dry conditions, winds and low humidity fuel the blaze's growth. Firefighters on the scene are busy protecting structures, however they're mindful of the danger the plume represents as well as its powerful effect.

"It is pretty awesome to see that," said Sheep Fire Structure Protection Specialist Butch Fitzpatrick. "And sometimes the plume itself, from the fire, creates its own weather or wind patterns. And that can create challenges."

An evacuation warning has been issued in the area as multiple structures are in potential danger. And there are several helicopters in the area along Highway 95. If you are driving in the area, please do not stop to watch as it creates a danger to yourself and others. The fire is currently at zero containment with more than 200 personnel working.