Sheriff Bancroft announces an early retirement in Asotin County

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County Sheriff Ken Bancroft has announced he wants to retire early.

He sent a letter to commissioner Jim Fuller announcing his retirement which will be effective August first. He was originally going to retire at the end of the year. In his letter he recommended Captain Dan Hally fill his position as sheriff for the rest of his term.

"He asked me if I would be willing to step in immediately to continue the continuity and direction of the sheriff's office," said Captain Dan Hally. "I told him if that is the choice he needs to make I would certainly be willing to do that and continue as is."

Sheriff Bancroft said Hally is well versed in the workings of county government, saying he's been involved in the budget process of the sheriff's office, and has experience working with a variety of government entities.

The sheriff said he has no further comment right now about his decision to retire early. Finding an interim sheriff is now in the hands of county commissioners.