Shocking discovery and how neighbors react

CLARKSTON,WA - A 62-year-old man is in the hospital today after he was discovered in Clarkston early this morning, naked and with his genitalia severed.

Warning: Some of the details of this story may not be suitable for our more sensitive viewers.

At around 4:00 a.m. this morning law enforcement was dispatched to the 1400 block of 5th Street in Clarkston.

"Report of a naked male in the roadway and when they arrived they found a 62-year-old male that was down and had severe injuries," said Asotin County Sheriff's Office Captain Dan Hally.

Officers located the man on 5th Street and his genitals were found about 100 feet away.

"Law enforcement officers were able to follow a trail of blood and ultimately locate a portion of the missing genitalia," said Hally.

No arrest has been made. However, the Sheriff's Office believes there's no danger or threat to the community at this time, though they stopped short of saying the wound was self-inflicted.

"There's no indication that we have any individual roaming around the City and County assaulting people in this way," said Hally.

Regardless, a change in attitude of those who live close to where the man was found is beginning to set in.

"I'm gonna' be keeping my eyes out a little more and probably lock my door more often," said Clarkston Resident Andrew Wascher.

Those we spoke with say the damage is done and their sense of safety has been impacted. And beyond that, the shock of what actually transpired has them in a state of disbelief.

"The nine years I've lived here it's never happened," said Clarkston Resident James Sneddon. "We have not experienced anything like that."

"It's kind of strange having their genitals ripped off just across the street," said Wascher.

The investigation is ongoing at this time, as authorities are waiting to talk to the man who authorities have yet to identify.

According to Hally, only one other incident similar to this has occurred over the past decade, however that one was ruled as self-inflicted.

At last check the man was in surgery and a portion of the severed body parts were recovered for reattachment.