Shoemaker pleads guilty to felony count of rape

LEWISTON, ID - A Lewiston man charged with multiple counts of rape plead guilty Thursday in 2nd District Court.

Darren Shoemaker, 50, plead guilty to one felony count of sexual battery with a minor as part of a Rule 11 agreement. The agreement, presented by Defense Attorney Danny Radakovich and the State dismissed five counts of rape.

"How do you wish to plead, guilty or not guilty?" asked Judge Jeff Brudie.

"Guilty," said Shoemaker.

"And why are you pleading guilty to that charge Mr. Shoemaker?" asked Brudie.

"Because it's true," said Shoemaker.

According to court documents, Shoemaker allegedly raped a woman under the age of 17 in 2009. However, per the agreement, the five counts of rape were dismissed. Shoemaker could face up to 25-years in prison and a $50,000 fine for the sexual battery charge.

Shoemaker will appear in 2nd District Court for a change of plea hearing on April 11th.