Sights and sounds filled the air at the Lewiston Roundup Parade

LEWISTON, ID - Families crowded Main Street for the 78th Annual Lewiston Roundup Parade Saturday morning.

There wasn't an empty seat on the sidewalk by 10a.m. You could tell this wasn't a lot of folks' first round-up parade, they came prepared. For adults, this meant fold-up chairs and sunglasses. For kids, it was all about the cowboy hats and bags for candy of course. Young cowboys and girls took in the sights and sounds of the floats, boats and old fashioned cars. But when it comes down to it, for two future rodeo stars, the parade was all about one thing.

"I love all the sparkly horses!" said Shawna Startwell.

And there were plenty of horses to marvel at. Bedazzled and dolled up in true rodeo royalty style! And if the smiles and cheers from the crowd were any indication, the parade was a hit!