Six month moratorium on marijuana approved by Pullman City Council

PULLMAN, WA - Without opposition, the Pullman City Council approved a six month delay or moratorium on the sale and recreational use of marijuana.

This move by the council gives Pullman's Planning Commission time to address several concerns they had about how to prepare locally, after Washington State's Initiative 502 passed.

"Planning Director Pete Dickenson and I have recommended to the council that you adopt a moratorium in order to allow staff and the planning commission time to develop a work plan for the review of the state regulatory scheme, the federal enforcement priorities and Pullman's own local needs and concerns," said Pullman City Attorney Laura McAloon. " And to determine whether local zoning and other regulatory ordinances should be recommended to the council for adoption."

McAloon said they anticipate all the work to be done in six months. However, if more time is needed the council can delay the sale and use of marijuana in Pullman for an additional six months. The current delay only effects Initiative 502, not medical marijuana users.