Slight decline of child immunizations is a concern for state health leaders

CLARKSTON, WA - Leaders from the Washington Department of Health said the number of kindergartner's in Washington who get their immunizations is down.

Close to 83% of kindergartner's had all their immunizations before starting school in 2013. That's down over two-percent from the previous year. While that may not seem like a big jump, the slight decline is a big concern for state health leaders.

Even though immunization rates decreased in the state, Asotin County rates have increased. Lori Lookabill is a registered nurse for the Asotin County Health District. She said keeping our kids immunized is important to help stop the spread of serious diseases.

"It's really important to get them into their primary care physician or public health facility to make sure they're up on their immunizations before entering kindergarten," said Lookabill.

There are several vaccines kids are required to have by the start of the school year. A list of these requirements can be found on the Department of Health's website. To find out what your child needs, Lookabill said you should call your local health care provider.

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