Snake River search continues using Sonar equip. to locate body of Rachel Anderson

CLARKSTON, WA - This week local authorities are teaming up with the United States Coast Guard to search for the body of a missing woman.

Reporter Veronica Miracle learns more about the Side Scan Sonar equipment that's mapping the river floor in search of Rachael Anderson.

On a cold, blistery Tuesday United States Coast Guard officials use this Remote Operated Vessel to search the river.

"We look for details, we look for certain signatures, certain characteristics and we identify sonar targets," said U.S. Coast Guard PO1, Matthew Fox.

The ROV device has a sonar detector and video camera. Designed specifically to convert acoustic echoes of the river floor into images.

"A lot of logs," said Fox. "A lot of sunken bedrock. So there's a lot of sunken objects on the river bed there under the bridge."

Asotin County Sheriff's Office Detective Jackie Nichols said the Coast Guard is here to help search for Rachael Anderson. She went missing in 2010 and her estranged husband, Charles Capone, is awaiting trial for allegedly murdering her.

"Just seeing the silt cover down there absolutely it's possible that any object that is at the bottom of the river," said Fox.

The search for Anderson's body began after a tip from fishermen who say a tarp-covered object fell off their anchor. However Capone's alleged accomplice David Stone, recently took a plea deal.

"This search yes is based on the information that was given to us by David Stone," said Fox. "That's why we're following up and concentrating on this particular area."

They didn't find anything on the river Tuesday but Detective Nichols said they'll be back on the water Wednesday.

"They have very sophisticated equipment so we're able to do some searching that we hadn't been able to do before so I am hopeful," said Nichols.

Nichols said there are other resources they can utilize, such as the Spokane County Dive Team, if the search Wednesday comes up dry.