Snowy conditions made for a tricky commute on the Palouse

PULLMAN, WA - The Palouse got a good dose of snow for the first time this year, and icy conditions quickly became a problem for drivers during Tuesday's morning commute.

Freezing rain overnight mixed with morning snow made a mess of the roads. We asked Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant about the biggest mistakes drivers make when the roads get slick.

"People are, you know, thinking about other things," said Tennant. "Getting to work, going to school. And they're in the same driving pattern that they're normally in. And somebody stops in front of them, and there's not enough stopping distance with the snow, and they run into the back."

Pullman police responded to five accidents, none of which resulted in serious injuries. Police say to slow down, pay closer attention to the roads, and that defensive driving is key when you encounter winter weather.