Snowy weather is not only challenge for Pullman bus drivers

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman transit officials report that when winter weather hits, the city's bus system has more issues with other cars on the road than snow.

Pullman Transit Operations Supervisor Chris Mitchell said that the largest aggravation for bus drivers are cars parked too far into the street, or in a zone that's designated as a bus stop. Pullman Transit asks drivers to be mindful of buses when parking in the street so the buses don't get stuck in the snow.

"Once a bus stops, they're like any other vehicle," said Mitchell. "We don't put chains on them, they're not four wheel drive, so if they're in a slick area, they're stuck. And we deal a lot with that."

Mitchell said that the bus drivers go through an in-depth training that prepares them to drive in the winter weather and informs them of where the tricky spots along the routes are. The intersection of Stadium Way and Nevada Street is the most problematic area for buses when it snows because of the steep grade and sharp turns at the bottom of the hill.

Pullman buses see about 20% more passengers when it snows, and more than 85% of the passengers are students at this time of year.