Some Asotin County voters not familiar with home rule

CLARKSTON, WA - If Washington voters pass the proposition, a home rule charter will be created by elected free holders.

The charter would enact a set of guidelines by which the local government must abide by. KLEW News asked voters how they voted on Proposition 1 as they left the Asotin County auditor's office. Many respondents said they aren't familiar with home rule, an initiative that Rick Rogers of Respect Asotin County, worked two years to get on the ballot.

"It doesn't appear to have gotten the kind of local coverage necessary to get most people's opinions," said Home Rule Chairman Rick Rogers. "A lot of cases people don't even know what it is. Just not a lot of people focused on local government at this point."

If the proposition passes, 18 free holders on the ballot who receive the most votes are responsible for drafting the charter.