Some Idahoans choose not to vote

LEWISTON, ID - While voters in Washington sent in their ballots, those in Idaho largely took to the polls in person Tuesday and continue to cast their ballots.

However some chose not do so.

Some Idahoans said they felt this year's election wasn't worth their vote. Some folks told KLEW News that casting a vote for this year's candidates would be a waste of their time, while others said it's because Idaho sways more towards the right, and did not feel their vote would make a big difference.

"If it was narrower, say Pennsylvania or Ohio or some thing, you bet I'd be out voting, if I had to crawl," said Collin Niver.

"They'll promise you everything to get elected and then they throw it out the door when they get in the office," said Charles Parker. "So I don't vote.

Others said off camera that they didn't make it to the polls because they either failed to register to vote or update their current address. And others said they chose not to vote because of their religious beliefs.