Some Moscow streets close down due to urban flooding


There’s some flooding in the city of Moscow. Public works crews have been out since before dawn, sandbagging areas at risk. Along Paradise Creek, waters kept rising throughout the day. So far, no reports of property damage.

The city was in a level two flood response, which causes the shutdown of roads and the mobilization of sandbags. The highest response stage would be a level three, where flooding would wash roadways out.

“9.2 feet is where we get out into a couple of roadways,” said Tyler Palmer. Deputy Director of Operations. “We have a few vulnerable spots in the system where it's just low lying areas and so it's just the first where we see trouble, Bridge Street, Roosevelt Street.”

Officials say the highest cresting point is at about nine-and-a-half feet. If the current conditions continue for the city, this will be the sixth highest cresting spot since 1978, and the highest since 2012.

The city has also closed the athletic fields and dog park at Mountain View Park, the pathway at Heron’s Hideout, and the pathway at Berman Creekside Park from Styner Avenue to Highway-95. For safety reasons, officials say don’t go into these areas until barriers that are currently in place are removed.

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