South Africa male suspect arrested in connection with Sister Tacke murder

LEWISTON, ID - A man is now in custody in South Africa, accused of playing a part in the death of a well-respected nun who grew up in Cottonwood.

Police said she was kidnapped and murdered in South Africa. The body of Sister Mary Tacke was found floating in a stream last Monday. According to South African online news-source "Dispatch Live," Tacke was kidnapped by armed men on Sunday. Her body was found Monday.

Dispatch Live also reports two male suspects were able to elude police after crashing Tacke's car while being pursued by police. One of the suspects was tracked down at a house in a South African village Friday.

Tacke went to South Africa in the 1950's and lived at the Glen Event Convent at the time of her death.

"She is a very strong individual that was totally dedicated to South Africa and its people and their traditions," said former missionary Chaelena Wimer. "It was really fun working with her, because she was always on the go and had something new to work on. She was determined to help everyone."

Wimer said Tacke was loved by everyone she met. The where about's of the second man accused by playing a part in her death is unknown.