Spay Neuter Clinic in Moscow offers vet services for low income families

MOSCOW, ID - There's a veterinary clinic in Moscow that gives a new meaning to the term, "do not litter."

The Spay Neuter Clinic in the Eastside Marketplace is open every Thursday and Friday. They focus on preventing unwanted pet pregnancies, but they do much more than their name suggests.

"So we do spays and neuters," said lead veterinarian Dr. Tammy Faulkner. "We do low cost vaccines, micro-chipping, we do low cost exams, we do dentistry's on a limited basis."

The clinic is tucked away behind the Eastside Marketplace, almost hidden, but what it lacks in flash, it can save you in cash.

The cost of a spay or neuter depends on the size, gender, and type of animal. On average, cats cost about $40 and usually dogs run about $80. But, the clinic has grants to help out pet owners that can't afford the procedure.

"We service low income people that usually cannot afford to go to their local clinic," said Faulkner. "We can service everyone but that's most of our clientele."

Right now they have a grant from Bob Barker's DJ&T foundation to spay and neuter large dogs.

"Any dog over 35 pounds, of those people who need financial assistance, we will spay that dog and give them $20 cash back," said Faulkner. "So they'll go away with $20."

The clinic is especially motivated to spay larger dogs because they produce larger litters.

"Five millions dogs die every year, in just shelters," said veterinary assistant Georgia Martinell. "Most of those are large dogs, large breed dogs, so it's very important that we get them spayed and neutered before they can make puppies, and before those puppies end up in the pound."

Recently the Spay Neuter Clinic went mobile, bringing their services to remote areas for people who may not have access to a vet.

"We're unique in that nobody else around here has services like this and so we just get our whole crew together and we travel to the pet," said Martinell. "So it's kind of cool."

The Spay Neuter Clinic helps countless families care for their pets, and it's all made possible by a love for animals and generous donations.

"Without donations and volunteers, this place wouldn't run," said Faulkner.