Speeding vehicle involves Swat Team apprehension of Seattle men

PULLMAN, WA - Two Seattle men are behind bars in Pullman after an incident early Tuesday morning that involved the Swat Team.

Washington State University Police said that a Pullman police officer tried to pull over a speeding vehicle on Merman Drive at about 1:30 Tuesday morning. They report the driver sped off toward the Chief Joseph Apartments, got out of the car, and ran into one of the buildings.

Hansen said police called in the Swat Team as a precaution because the 17-year-old male dropped a knife while running from officers. Police arrested the Seattle teen a few hours later for two counts of obstructing justice and driving with a suspended license.

Hansen said there were a couple warrants out for his arrest for previous assault charges. 20-year-old Jason Fuhr-Turner of Seattle was also arrested for rendering criminal assistance. These men are not WSU students.