Spicy Bacon Tiger wins contest at Insanewich sandwich shop in Moscow

MOSCOW, ID - There's a new place to grab a bite to eat in Moscow.

"It's always good when a business opens up in our community because it means our community is thriving," said Moscow Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gina Taruscio.

But this is not your typical sandwich shop.

"As we talked about it, it just seemed more wild and crazy," said Insanewich co-owner Juliette Do. "And it just morphed into something very insane."

At Insanewich, customers create their own sandwich by choosing from a list of ingredients. But for those with more of a sweet tooth, there's an extensive cereal bar as well.

"We wanted something that was highly customizable," said Do.

The theme of this shop is creativity, so it only made sense to celebrate its grand opening with a sandwich making contest. Three contestants had 15 minutes to build a good looking and great tasting sandwich that would "wow" a panel of hungry judges.

"It was very important that you take into account the whole bite, not just parts of it," said Taruscio. "It was kind of interesting."

The competition was fierce. One competitor even brought her own knife and cutting board. But in the end, Mayor Nancy Chaney announced that the decision was unanimous. The Spicy Bacon Tiger was the winner. Judges said it was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

"It's turkey, bacon, with honey mustard, avocado spread, jalapeno." said contest winner Tige Arnold.

Arnold only had a day to prepare, but he had plenty of previous experience in the craft.

"I just love making sandwiches," said Arnold. "It's a cheap way to eat."

And he'll be eating plenty of them because he was awarded a gift certificate to Insanewich for winning the contest.