Spokane county officials testify at Frank Lazcano murder trial

COLFAX, WA - The Frank Lazcano trial continued Wednesday with testimonies from investigators and friends of the Lazcano brothers.

Frank is on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Marcus Schur. His brother Daniel was on trial for the same charges earlier this month.

On day three of Frank's Trial, Whitman County's prosecuting attorneys brought more people in to testify, and some pretty hard evidence was shown to the jury.

"It is an AK-47 type rifle," said Spokane Army Navy Store employee Kevin Johnson.

Multiple officials from the Spokane County Sheriff's Office took the stand. Deputy Kevin Richie found Daniel's car that was used to transport Marcus Schur's body.

"A sedan that had been burned and was left in an abandoned lot for undeveloped property," said Richie.

Deputy John Cook was part of the search team that found Frank's A-K 47 in a shallow part of the Spokane River.

"I think we all just kind of got in and, 'Oh, there it is," said Spokane Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Richie.

The state brought in Spokane County Sheriff's Office Forensic Specialist, Melissa Diamanti, to verify that the gun was properly processed as evidence, even though they weren't able to find any fingerprints on the weapon.

"Due to the fact that the gun was immersed, fingerprints could be washed away," said Diamanti.

Whitman County Judge David Frazier also allowed the state to call on Ben Evensen and Kyle Evans to testify. Both are friends of the Lazcanos, and they testified against brother Daniel in his trial, earlier this month.

"He basically, right off the bat was like, 'We killed Marcus," said witness Ben Evensen.

Evensen said that Daniel admitted to him that he is the one who shot Schur.

"He held his hands up like this, and he made gunshot noises that was either 'Bop, bop,' or 'Bam, bam," said Evensen.

Evenson claims that Frank admitted to him that Daniel shot Schur, and that when the body was first recovered, Frank planned on taking the blame so his younger brother wouldn't end up in prison.

"The only thing they really said was he was planning on covering for Daniel," said Evenson.

The Frank Lazcano trial will continue Thursday morning, and KLEW-News will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments.