Spray painted graffiti is vandalism; Moscow Police search for suspect

MOSCOW, ID - Graffiti is popping up in Moscow and the police department is asking for your help in finding who is responsible.

There have been give reports of graffiti vandalism in city parks since the first of the month. According to Moscow police, Hordemann's Pond, Heron's Hideout, East City Park, and Ghormley Park structures have all been tagged with spray paint during late night or early morning hours.

All vandalism's are believed to be painted by the same people and Moscow Chief David Duke said the sole purpose of this graffiti is to deface.

"When you tag you usually tag for a reason and to identify yourself here we have a set tag but there's really no artistic value to it," said Chief David Duke.

If you see any unusual activity at city parks or have information about the past vandalism's, Moscow Police ask that you call 208-882-COPS or the anonymous tip-line at 208-892-3898.