St. John home intruder ends up zip-tied on garage floor

ST. JOHN, WA - A man broke into a home in St. John, Washington Wednesday morning, only to end up on the garage floor, bound by zip-ties.

The Whitman County Sheriff's Department responded to the 911 call at about 6:00 a.m., and the homeowner reported that her husband was currently fighting with an intruder. By the time officers arrived on the scene, the husband and some local firefighters had already tied the man's hands and feet with zip ties and left him lying on his stomach in the middle of the garage floor.

"Not anything we necessarily encourage, but we always like to have our guys caught for us," said Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers. "That helps us out big time. So in this particular case, kudos goes to the homeowners for taking matters into their own hands."

The would-be burglar is identified as 47-year-old Michael McCarthy of St. John. After he was arrested, he admitted to the investigating officers that he broke into their home with the intent to steal things, but he complained about the way that he was caught. He told the authorities that he didn't feel like his actions warranted that amount of force. Sheriff Myers said that the homeowners' response could have been far more severe, and McCarthy won't receive any lesser punishment for the way he was restrained.