St. Joseph's buys St. Stan's church and Catholic school property

LEWISTON, ID - A local hospital is in the process of buying a historical church and Catholic school.

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center is purchasing St. Stanislaus Catholic Church and All Saints Catholic School bringing the historic block along Sixth street that much closer together.

"This block is important to me," said VP Mission at St. Joe's Sister Pat Rosholt. "I was born in this hospital and all my first eight years of school were next door. I was baptized there, received my first communion, was confirmed there."

Sister Pat Rosholt, Vice President of mission at the hospital is overseeing the integration of the facilities for the Catholic based hospital. She said while there are no solidified plans for what may become of the buildings, they're a long way off from making any changes.

"They might ultimately become a parking lot," said Rosholt. "But who knows because we're talking down the road and things change on an ongoing basis."

According to Tim Sayler, President and CEO of St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, the All Saints Catholic School is going to remain a functioning education center for most likely eight years, until the All Saints Catholic Parish establishes a new building for the school. As for the church, it'll remain in tact for it's parishioners.

"We don't anticipate ever doing much with the church property itself," said Sayler.

"It's going to be the same pews, the same stained glass windows, and the school is going to remain right next door for a number of years," said Rosholt.

Sayler said the buildings are expected to be bought by July for $2.41 million.

"It helps us explore what our options are to help grow our site and facilities but also the church has the opportunity to develop their property," said Sayler.

The All Saints Catholic Parish is working to consolidate their three different churches into one big church in the Lewiston Orchards.

"I'm just pleased that we're able to work out something that benefits everybody," said Rosholt.

Construction for the new church in the Lewiston Orchards is set to start next month on Warner Avenue and 14th Street.