State health website helps people make educated decisions

LEWISTON, ID - Idaho is the first state to launch a community-based Web portal program that makes health and wellness resources readily available for community leaders and individuals.

Idaho's Public Health Districts are funding the statewide Network of Care for Public Health which provides as many as 170 customized local health indicators for each county. The web portal provides a significant amount of data that allows people to make educated decisions as to the best practices for their health.

"We're anticipating to help the public make changes in their health," said Public Health District Director Carol Moehrle. "They need to know how bad it is sometimes."

The site uses county indicators as well as indicators from the National County Health Rankings and Health People 2020 goals, which are broken down by Idaho's seven public health districts and 44 counties. The site uses science-based health education and also features direct links to state and federal lawmakers.