State of ID. holds unclaimed assets they want to give back to rightful owners

LEWISTON, ID - More than $120-million in unclaimed assets are waiting to be claimed in Idaho.

Every year millions of dollars are turned over to the State of Idaho. This unclaimed money is collected from stocks, bonds, bank accounts, un-cashed payroll checks, traveler's checks, contents from safety deposit boxes, and much more.

State Treasurer Ron Crane said it's his mission to reunite all unclaimed property with the rightful owner.

"So, what we try to do is publish a list of the names associated with that money," said Crane. "That way people can go online to find out if they have any money and file a claim."

Last year Crane's office was able to return five and a half-million dollars to people in Idaho.

If you'd like to check to see if the state has some of your money, you can find a link to the state's website on the KLEW Facebook page.
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