Staying well hydrated is important heat safety tip

CLARKSTON, WA - With the increase in heat, it's important to keep some important safety tips in mind.

Tri-State Hospital Nurse Practitioner Tracy Adkins said it's most important to stay hydrated whether you are outside or indoors when the summer heat is on full blast.

"What people need to look for is if they stop sweating, and if they start feeling dizzy and sick," said Adkins. "Having any changes in mentation, feeling really really sleepy. They really need to get some help and make sure they stay well hydrated."

Adkins said wearing breathable clothing such as light colored cottons, allows you to sweat which is the body's way of cooling itself. For those without air conditioning she recommends getting out of the house and going to public places such as the theater, library or restaurants. Keeping curtains drawn and fans going is also something that will keep the cool air in the house circulating.

One thing Adkins wants to remind those in Valley is that temperatures in cars can skyrocket so keeping children or animals inside vehicles is something to avoid completely.