Steelhead Derby participants deal with wind & low steelhead count

LEWISTON, ID - The Kendall Subaru Clearwater Snake Steelhead Derby is off to a slow start this week and local fishermen think it may have to do with steelhead count.

The sun was shining for derby participants Wednesday, but high winds that started at the beginning of the week are keeping some fishermen out of the water. L.C. Valley Chamber of Commerce Marketing & Events Manager Lee Ann Hancock said along with the winds, participants are having a hard time getting fish to bite, because their aren't as many steelhead in the river this year.

"We do think the numbers of participants are down a little bit because the numbers of fish counts are lower," said Hancock. "However we are seeing much larger fish than we have in the past. We're currently at 20.07 for the largest fish."

"We didn't catch any fish today," said derby participant Steve McMinn. "We plan on catching some fish this afternoon, we're going back out this afternoon. We are going to go up the Clearwater and get out of the wind."

As Hancock said some participants have been lucky with a catch like this 20-pound fish that's taken the lead since Sunday.