Stone's change of plea deal could result as being witness for the State's case

MOSCOW, ID - New information was unveiled Wednesday in the Latah County Courthouse regarding the 2010 disappearance of Rachael Anderson.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin explains why one of the men that was originally charged with Anderson's murder will now serve as a witness in the state's case against her husband.

"How do you plea?" asked Second District Court Judge Jeff Brudie.

"Guilty, your honor," said defendant David Stone.

Wednesday, 50-year-old Moscow resident David Stone pleaded guilty to Failure to Notify Law Enforcement or Coroner of Death as part of a plea agreement with the Latah County Prosecutor.

"In return for his guilty plea and cooperation, the state will not pursue the conspiracy and murder charges," said Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson. "And at this point, the evidence that we have suggests that he was not involved in the actual murder, so factually, that's the most appropriate decision to make."

Stone was originally charged with murder in relation to the 2010 disappearance of Rachael Anderson of Clarkston. Anderson's husband at the time, Charles Capone still faces murder charges. Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said that Stone will now serve as a witness in the state's case against Capone.

"I don't think that you can put particular importance on any single witness," said Thompson. "It is certainly important that we have the truth. And we hope that Mr. Stone will be another witness who will help the jury understand the truth when it comes to Mr. Capone's trial."

Thompson said Stone recently came forward with more information about Anderson's disappearance.

"Mr. Stone has given information that we hope will help the investigators locate Rachael," said Thompson.

In court, Thompson explained that new information from Stone indicates that he wasn't involved in the actual murder, but he helped Capone cover it up. Capone is scheduled to go to trial on March 31st, and Stone will be required to testify against him.

Second District Court Judge Jeff Brudie accepted Stone's guilty plea and said a sentencing date will be set for after Capone's trial. At that point Judge Brudie will also decide whether or not he accepts the terms of the agreement. Judge Brudie is expected to lower Stone's bail from the current $250,000 in the near future.