Street crews are in the process of street sweeping main roadways


In Lewiston, crews are cleaning up the streets of winter abrasives, and they need your help.

KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty explains.

The city of Lewiston dropped 14 hundred tons of little rocks just like these on the main roadways throughout the winter to help cars gain traction, but now the clean-up process has begun.

Crews are working with street sweepers to clean up all of the aggregates that were placed on the roads with all of the ice and snow this winter.

Keith Bingman, Street Maintenance Manager says cleaning up these rocks benefits residents and drivers.

"We want to get it off the roads because it can get down into the storm systems and then you have to clean those,” said Bingman. β€œIt can be kicked up into people's windshields and it can cause traction issues on dry pavement."

Right now, crews are in the process of sweeping main roadways, and this will go through the end of April.

City officials are asking residents to help streamline the process by sweeping the rocks into the roadway so when street sweepers come it'll make it a little bit easier for them.

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