Street performer raises money for homeless people at ROC Rescue Mission

LEWISTON, ID - The L-C Valley has a hidden secret. Recently, however, some kind-hearted people have started bringing it to light and working to fix it.

Reporter Shannon Moudy shares their story.

"You may think it's a big city problem," said street performer, Chad Bramlet. "It's not. There's plenty of homeless people here in Lewiston."

It's a surprising fact, even more so when you hear the numbers.

"I believe it's around 200-ish," ROC Center Volunteer Coordinator Julie Burke. "That's probably a low number."

Julie Burke said the homeless population isn't visible because of where people stay.

"The community doesn't see a lot of what we see because it's in north Lewiston and typically they don't go to businesses out there," said Burke.

Fortunately, people are starting to realize the issue, and are even coming up with creative ways to help. Chad Bramlet has been street performing to raise money.

"What all this money goes to is the ROC Rescue Mission, and that is a mission in north Lewiston that helps men and women who are homeless," said Bramlet.

The ROC provides shelter, food, and even internet so visitors can search for jobs. But the ROC is currently unable to house people overnight. Chad is helping raise funds to make that happen.

"It's not just about providing them opportunities," said Bramlet. "It's also about building relationships and showing them that there are people that care about them, people that love them, and people that are rooting for them."

But there's another reason that Chad feels called to take action.

"For a good six weeks of my life when I was about 27- years-old, I was homeless here in Lewiston," said Bramlet.

Remembering everything he went through and everyone who helped him, Chad is paying it forward, one song at a time.

("Chad Bramlet everyone!")

If you'd like to help, you can either donate at the ROC Center or volunteer your time, just contact New Bridges Church. For more information on the ROC or to donate, head to our KLEW Facebook page. Just search klew and like the page to join.