Strong winds hamper firefighters dousing wood chip fire at Port of Wilma

CLARKSTON, WA - A small wood chip fire ignited a second fire at the Guy Bennett Lumber Company Monday afternoon.

The first wood-chip fire at the Guy Bennett Lumber Company was the result of spontaneous combustion, according to local firefighters. The Clarkston Fire Department tackled the small fire but had to comb through the pile for hours to get rid of hot spots.The wind certainly didn't help their efforts Monday afternoon and that's what Captain Jim Babino believes ignited a second fire.

"Maybe there must have been embers or some ashes that flew kind of across a lot and landed in a pile of split fire wood.," said Captain Babino. "And that was the second fire that we reported to at the Port of Wilma."

Crews are remaining on scene for a couple more hours to watch for anymore hot spots.