Studded snow tire deadline looms in Washington state

CLARKSTON, WA - Those living in Washington state have until next Tuesday to get those studded tires off, or face a hefty ticket.

Under state law, driving with studded tires after March 31st is illegal and could cost you a $124 ticket. In Idaho, drivers have until April 30th. However Bill Snyder of Bruneel Tire Factory said the sooner you get your tires changed out the better.

"The sooner you get them in and get them off you're just saving your snow tires in case you can use them next year," said Bruneel Tire Factory employee, Bill Snyder. "It's hard on snow tires to run them when the temperature gets above fifty-degrees because of the compounding. They're made for traction not for longevity."

Snyder said the winter rush is usually a lot busier than the spring time rush, but he expects business to pick up next week. Washington State Department of Transportation Officials haven't given any signs that they'll extend the deadline, so Snyder said it's likely April 1st is a hard cutoff date.

WSDOT leaders said crews are keeping an eye on forecasts at higher elevations to be ready to treat and clear roadways if the weather gets bad.