Students' makeover Ranger Shop at Beachview Park with mural

CLARKSTON, WA - Local students will transform into artists, thanks to the Clarkston city council's approval of a community mural.

More than 16 students from the Educational Opportunity Center will begin a large 36-by-8 foot mural on the park ranger shop at Beachview Park. This mural will consist of three local landscapes... Swallows Nest, the blue Interstate Bridge, and Chestnut Beach.

"It's going to be three-dimensional," said Clarkston School District Art Instructor Kris Rathbun. "So were going to paint on three pieces of wood and then frame them as if they're in old fashioned frames, and then hang them as if they're on the wall in a living room or a den."

The 21st century grant offered through the EOC will pay for and provide all materials needed for this project. The high school level students start a week from Tuesday.