Students pledge not to use their cell phones while driving

PULLMAN, WA - Hundreds of 4-H students are exploring the Washington State University campus for the annual teen conference called, "Text or Call, It Could Wreck it All."

A Washington State Patrol Trooper explained the laws against texting and talking on the phone while driving. Another speaker encouraged the kids to simply eliminate the possibility of becoming distracted by their phone while they're in the driver's seat.

"So when you get behind the wheel, put your phone away, out of sight," said AAA Public Relations Manager Cassie Devaney. "Put it in your purse and zip it up. Put it in your backpack and put it in the other seat."

The students heard stories from fellow teens about tragedies that happened as a result of a driver who was distracted by a cell phone. After the presentation, many of them signed a pledge stating they won't use their phone while behind the wheel.