Students relieve stress with animal shelter dogs before upcoming college finals

PULLMAN, WA - It's "Dead Week" on the Washington State University campus, which means students are preparing for finals.

At the end of every semester, the Whitman County Humane Society brings a handful of adoptable pets to encourage the students to take a break from studying and pet their stress away. The students we spoke to said it's a good distraction from the pressure that builds up at the end of the semester.

"They're so carefree, so it like rubs off on you," said WSU student Genevieve Yates. "Like, they're carefree, I can be carefree. It just makes the moment feel better and happier."

"They make me laugh," said WSU student Katherine Cruse. "Like, the little puppy Delilah over there, she apparently loves to tackle people and jump all over them. And it reminds me of kind of what my dog, Kaya, used to do."

Dozens of students stood in line for a chance to spend some time with the dogs. Employees from the Office of the Dean of Students also provided students with other stress-relieving tips to help them unwind when they don't have access to these adorable dogs.